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Kubernetes Mentoring Initiatives

This folder will be used for all mentoring initiatives for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Pilots

We understand that everyone has different learning styles and we want to support as many of those as possible. Mentoring is vital to the growth of an individual and organization of every kind. For Kubernetes, the larger the project becomes, it’s necessary to keep a continuous pipeline of quality contributors.

What’s a Pilot?
A pilot is a Kubernetes mentor helping new and current members navigate the seas of our repos.

Current mentoring activities:

All are currently in an incubation phase. Please reach out to Paris Pittman ( or Paris on Kubernetes slack channel) for more information on how to get involved.

Mentors On Demand
* Meet Our Contributors

Long Term Contributor Ladder Growth * Group Mentoring Cohorts

Students * Outreachy * Google Summer of Code

Inspiration and Thanks

This is not an out of the box program but was largely inspired by the following:
* Ada Developer Academy
* Apache Mentoring Programme * * Google Summer of Code
* Outreachy * OpenStack Mentoring

Thanks to:
* the many contributors who reviewed and participated in brainstorming,
* founding mentees for their willingness to try this out,
* founding Pilots (@chrislovecnm, @luxas, @kow3ns)

We welcome PRs, suggestions, and help! try this out,
* founding Pilots (@chrislovecnm, @luxas, @kow3ns)

We welcome PRs, suggestions, and help!


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